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Magnetude Magnetic Eyeliner-Black

Magnetude Magnetic Eyeliner-Black


Magnetude Magnetic Eyeliner - Black

The Original formula is hypoallergenic, water-resistant, smudge-proof, latex-free, and magnetic. Smooth and easy to apply. It doesn't run, fade, or flake - through wind and rain, Magnetude Magnetic eyeliner keeps your lashes on and beautiful.  

  1. Apply Magnetude Magnetic Eyeliner as you normally would, or on top of your favorite eyeliner.
  2. Let dry for one to two minutes. Lashes will not stick to wet liner. 
  3. Repeat! This is important to have enough magnetism.
  4. Hold the lash with the inner corner magnets against the eyeliner then place the rest of the lash down.
  5. When happy with placement, lightly press lashes to set. 

When set, lashes are not as moveable so you may need to touch up your liner if taken off and on.  

Use Shake it Off makeup remover to remove eyeliner.